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  • Carpet Cleaning and Covid 19

    Carpet Cleaning with regards to Covid 19 – Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new urgency to cleaning and disinfecting that simply wasn’t there before. Customers are studying CDC reports about many cleaning protocols to ensure homes and businesses are as safe and healthy as possible.

    Different surfaces have different cleaning requirements. Carpet can be particularly challenging to clean even in non-pandemic times: Muddy feet trample all over it, coffee gets spilled on it, and food crumbs settle into it. Worst of all, pathogens like bacteria and viruses get trapped.  While area rugs and upholstered chairs can be removed, it is simply too impractical—and expensive—for most to remove all the carpet and replace it with an easier-to-clean flooring type or have area rugs and chairs removed, cleaned, and replaced frequently.

    Carpet can be part of a healthy environment with proper cleaning but keep in mind that…

    Carpet cannot be disinfected but only sanitized.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning for high traffic areas

    Carpet Cleaning is not the same as sanitizing, and sanitizing is not the same as disinfecting. These terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some clear distinctions between them. In fact, carpets cannot be disinfected, only sanitized. The EPA only registers disinfectants for hard, non-porous surfaces. As a porous surface, carpets contain small pores or holes, that can collect dirt and germs. The good news is porous surfaces are less hospitable to viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Because viruses are trapped in the holes of the surface, they are less likely to transfer to other surfaces and therefore don’t survive for very long.

    Whether sanitizing or disinfecting any surface, the first step is always to clean it. This prevents pathogens from hiding under layers of dirt and dust. When it comes to carpets, this involves removing soil and other substances, like tar or paint, before deep cleaning and sanitizing.

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  • Spring Cleaning – Time to Prepare.


    We are still in the winter slumber, but, no time like the present to get your Spring Cleaning List ready!

    While we like to be your go to provider for your flooring Bowden is happy to share some other things you may want to consider for your Spring Cleaning!

    Contact Us Today and we can make some of this list as easy as a nice spring breeze.

    All Room Spring Cleaning List

    Start with tasks that apply to all rooms, then hit each room one-by-one for more specific cleaning.

    • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
    • Clean windowsills and window tracks
    • Vacuum curtains and window blinds
    • Wipe down baseboards and shoe molding and dust corners for cobwebs
    • Test batteries in all your smoke detectors
    • Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches

    Our Spring Specials!

    Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Clean all large appliances, small appliances and surfaces in your kitchen:

    • Wipe down your microwave, coffeemaker and other small appliances
    • Empty the crumb tray in your toaster and toaster oven
    • Empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer
    • Clean refrigerator shelves (they may fit in the dishwasher!)
    • Clean behind and beneath the refrigerator (those coils get dusty!)
    • Clean your oven and scrub the stovetop
    • Clear out cabinets and wash the shelves
    • Sanitize the sink and clean the inner rim of your sink guard

    Bedroom Spring Cleaning List

    • Organize drawers and closets (donate any clothes that you didn’t wear!)
    • Wash bedding and pillows
    • Rotate your mattresses
    • Disinfect kids’ toys

    Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

    • Organize cabinets and drawers
    • Properly dispose of old medicine and toiletries
    • Scrub the shower and bathtub
    • Wash the shower curtain and floormat
    • Scrub the toilet and tile around the toilet

    While there is a lot to do, Bowden’s hopes this list will be helpful to get those tasks completed!

  • 5 Reasons for Holiday Cleaning

    As you get ready for the holiday season, don’t forget about holiday cleaning – to get your carpet, floors, rugs, and upholstery cleaned. This is the perfect time to sweep out the old dirt and get a fresh start on getting your home ready for the family and this special time of year!

    Here are five good reasons to get an early start on doing some pre-Holiday cleanings – Ask us about our Holiday offers!

    1. Your Carpets Get Wet More Often

    While we don’t have it as bad as up north, Tampa’s bad weather has to do with rain and leaves tracking in grime. There is a lot of wetness outside and a lot of it will be making its way onto your carpets and floors.

    You can’t fight the elements, but you can minimize the damage they do to your floors.

    2. Chemicals are Invading Your Home

    In addition to elements, you also have chemicals that are around the home.  During the colder times they linger longer which increases the chance of transfer from shoes to inside your home. Like pest control and lawn fertilizers. These substances sink into the fibers and are difficult remove without professional cleaning. They can cause permanent damage and discolor the fibers.

    These chemicals also bring in allergens and toxins. Getting the floors cleaned will remove those toxins and get the carpet and upholstery fibers soft and fresh again.

    3. You’re Spending More Time at Home – Especially with COVID-19

    When it’s colder outside, you naturally spend more time indoors.   Well in Tampa, it is a mix, we are out a bit more when it gets colder like 75, but below 65, we are looking for a warm fire is a lot more inviting than a blast of cold, wet wind. Your family and friends will also be spending that time with you.  So you want your home to look nice!

    That’s all the more reason to keep the air clean. The more time you spend indoors, the more time you’ll have to breathe in unhealthy fumes. If the air of your home is unhealthy for any reason, it’s wise to do a thorough cleaning.

    4. Your Carpet and Furniture Dries Faster

    Heated indoor air is warm and dry. If you have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they dry. If you’re going with a carpet cleaning service that uses safe, non-toxic cleaning, you’ll discover the added pleasure of drying that leaves behind only a fresh, clean smell.

    5. Get Ahead of the Holiday Season

    If you wait until just before your holiday parties, guest arrivals or other scheduled activities, you might be in for a wait. Many carpet cleaning services get busy right before the holidays and you may have trouble getting an appointment in time for your big holiday event.

    Get a jump on the competition by calling to schedule your carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning now. We can get every inch of your floors and rugs sparkling clean and fresh. We can set up a cleaning schedule that ensures your furniture and rugs stay clean all through the winter and into spring.

    Call Tampas Best Carpet Cleaner – Bowden Carpets Today!

    Make a resolution to have a fresh, clean home before the holidays start. Carpet Keepers can keep the stains and odors away all year long.  Get the Holidays started off right!  Give us a call. 

  • Bowden’s Covid Safety Support

    As Covid continues into the fall of 2020 and most likely will continue into 2021

    Bowden’s Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide you with Cleaning & Disinfecting Services throughout the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

    At Bowden’s Carpet Cleaning, the health and well-being of our Customers continues to be our primary concern. In an effort to safeguard the health of our customers and employees as the COVID-19 coronavirus circumstances continue to evolve, we’ve taken the following steps to ensure that Bowden’s remains your trusted provider for all of your Flooring cleaning needs.


    Customer & Employee Screenings

    We will continue to provide customers with professional cleaning services if they are not showing symptoms such as fever, persistent coughing, or shortness of breath. If you’re suffering from any of those symptoms, your appointment will be rescheduled and we urge you to contact your local health authority.

    Any team members experiencing a temperature of 100.4 or higher, or showing symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or trouble breathing, will not be permitted to provide services. In addition, any employee that has traveled to a CDC Level 2 or 3 region will be required to self-quarantine before returning to work, although we are highly recommending team members not travel at this time.

    Read the full page of our safety protocol.

  • Know When Your Carpet Could Benefit from a Professional Cleaning

    Professional carpet cleaning is a necessary task for any residential or commercial property. If you do not schedule routine carpet cleaning sessions, then you need to know the signs that your carpet is in dire need of professional cleaning. Continue reading to see how noticeable odors, increased allergies, and faded carpet are important signs to schedule carpet cleaning services in Tampa. carpet - cleaning

    Your family has increased allergies.

    Dirty carpet often equals allergies for everyone in your home. If your family or guests begin to sneeze, have runny noses, experience watery eyes, or have trouble breathing, then your carpet may need a professional cleaning. Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, it is still gathering dirt, dust, and dander from you and your pets. These elements collect and cause allergy symptoms in people who are susceptible to allergies and respiratory problems. If you or a family member has asthma or suffers from allergies and respiratory conditions, then you should make professional carpet cleaning a regular occurrence in your home.

    Your carpet has noticeable odors.

    Noticeable carpet stains and odors will be other signs that you should schedule a professional cleaning. These unappealing side effects of household accidents and carpet use cannot be fully removed from your carpet with simple vacuuming and spot removal products. You will need the help of a qualified carpet cleaner to inspect the stains and odors and use the correct cleaning products to remove them. Pay attention to a change in smell and appearance when you enter carpeted rooms. If there is a change, then you need professional cleaning.

    Your carpet has lost its color.

    Over time, your carpet may begin to fade in color. This is often found in high-traffic areas or near windows with a lot of sunlight. To avoid fading carpet, invest in high-quality carpet and schedule regular carpet cleanings with a qualified professional. This close attention will keep your carpet in good shape for a long time.

  • How To Get Wax Out of Your Carpet

    There are two common ways to remove wax from carpets: The ice cube method and the heat method. It is important to use the correct method to ensure there are no leftover carpet stains. As you can see in the video, colored wax may leave stains and should be removed with the ice cube method. After using this method, schedule professional carpet cleaners to inspect and conduct a carpet stain removal near Tampa. Continue reading for a brief look at the two wax removal methods.

    The ice cube method requires a small bag of ice to freeze the wax until you can break it off. This method will be ideal if you are removing colored wax. The heat method involves a clothes iron over a non-staining paper bag. Run the iron over the paper over the wax until it melts and comes off. If you are unsure of the proper method, then contact your carpet cleaners.

  • Improve Air Quality In Your Home With An Upholstery Cleaning

    Indoor air quality should be a concern of any homeowner, because it can influence your health, the appearance of your home’s interior, and the life of your heating and cooling appliances. Many factors can influence your indoor air quality, such as the condition of your carpets and upholstery. If you do not schedule regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Tampa, then you risk a lot of allergens, dirt, and harmful bacteria in your home and air. Let’s take a look at how professional upholstery cleaning can improve your indoor air quality.

    Every time you sit or lie down on your sofa, dining room table, or end chairs, you are depositing dirt, dander, skin, and bacteria into the fibers and surfaces. As these elements build up, they can cause increased allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and health problems. These symptoms and the bacteria are all associated with poor indoor air quality. However, you can schedule professional upholstery cleaners to inspect and clean your upholstery. This professional cleaning is a great step toward keeping your upholstery in good shape and improving your home’s indoor air quality.

    indoor - air

  • Keep Your Bathroom Looking Fresh and Clean

    Keeping your bathroom looking fresh and clean does not have to be a difficult task. If you perform weekly wipe-downs and schedule professional tile and grout cleaning near Tampa , then your bathroom will always look brand-new. Read on to see how professional tile and grout cleaning—in addition to your own sweeping and cleaning—will keep your bathroom fresh-looking year-round. bathroom - cleaning

    Perform Weekly Wipe-Downs

    One of the most important ways to maintain a fresh and clean-looking bathroom is by performing weekly wipe-downs and cleanings of every surface. Vacuum or sweep the floor at least once a week to remove hair and dirt. Wipe down the bathroom countertop with a mild cleanser and a clean cloth. Scrub the toilet, bathtub, and shower with appropriate cleaning products to remove buildup. These weekly habits can reduce and erase the appearance of a ring in the toilet bowl, discolored tile grout, and hard water stains.

    Schedule Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Regular sweeping and mopping of your bathroom tile will keep it looking clean and fresh for a short time. However, dirt and staining particles will continue to build up over time. These elements will soon cause your tile and the grout to become discolored and faded. You can avoid this by scheduling professional tile and grout cleaning. Professional tile and grout cleaners use specialized tools and cleaning products to remove all of the stains and dirt found in the tiniest areas of your bathroom tile. Professional cleanings can also prolong the life of your tile and grout by removing large dirt particles and damaging stains.

    Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

    Always use the appropriate cleaning products for any type of cleaning. Only certain types of cleansers can be used for specific surfaces. For example, a carpet cleaner used to remove carpet stains will not be an appropriate product for your bathroom tiles or countertop surfaces. If you are unsure of which products to use, speak with your tile and carpet cleaning company about their recommended products for the task at hand.

  • Quick Action Is Essential With A Flooded Carpet

    As any carpet cleaning service in Tampa will tell you, allowing moisture to remain in your carpeting is never a good idea. Even once the visible water is out of your home, a significant amount of water can remain in the fibers of your carpet . If allowed to stay there, the water can seep into subflooring and walls, leading to further water damage and increasing the likelihood of mold growth.

    Water damage can be an expensive problem, and mold is something that you do not want to allow to take hold in your home. For these reasons, carpet cleaning professionals recommend that homeowners begin the water evacuation process immediately after a house flood. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of flooding, then consider reaching out to a professional carpet cleaning service without delay. The sooner that the carpet cleaners can dry out your carpet, the less damage your home is likely to suffer.

    carpet - cleaning

  • Protecting Your Carpet and Furniture During a Party

    Hiring carpet cleaners and scheduling upholstery cleaning in Tampa is something that many people do before having guests in their home. It makes sense to improve the look of your interiors before inviting people over, but having to call carpet cleaners afterward is something that you want to avoid. If you’re planning to host guests for a party, then continue reading for tips on protecting your carpet and furniture during the festivities. clean - furniture

    Use Covers and Area Rugs

    One way to invest in your carpet and upholstered furniture is to purchase items like decorative throws, fitted covers, and area rugs before the party. Use the throws and fitted covers on your furniture to protect the upholstery, and place the rugs in high traffic areas of your home to help prevent carpet stains. Taking these steps requires only a small investment when compared to replacing your carpet or having your furniture reupholstered.

    Create Off-Limits Areas

    If you’re like many homeowners, then you want to make your home as inviting to your guests as possible. However, creating “do not enter” zones for the event is a smart way to protect your furnishings. To help keep your upholstery and carpeting free of stains and damage during your party, consider hosting it outdoors, in a furnished basement or garage, or in an area of your home where you are less concerned about damage. Your guests are sure to understand why you want to keep some areas off-limits during the party.

    Make Accidents Less Likely

    There are a few additional measures that you can take to keep your carpet and upholstery protected while entertaining guests. Start by providing plenty of safe surfaces on which people can place their glasses and plates because, without enough tables, your guests will leave food and drinks on any available surface, making spills more likely. Finally, make regular passes through the party area to collect abandoned plates and beverages and toss away any garbage to help prevent accidents and stains.