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  • Top Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

    Top Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

    tile cleaning By cleaning the tile properly, you can keep your tile looking clean and new for years to come. Luckily, cleaning your tile only takes about an hour every week, and professional tile cleaning in Tampa is only necessary every few months. Just be sure to avoid these tile-cleaning mistakes to avoid damaging your tile.

    The Wrong Cleaners – Bleach and ammonia based cleaners will get your tile clean , but at the cost of discoloring your grout over time. If you have glazed or shiny tile, avoid oil-based cleaners; they make the tile extremely slippery. Using products suggested by the tile manufacturer or a mild all-purpose cleaner is the best option.

    Scrubbing Tile – Do not use steel wool, scrubbing material, or abrasive scrubbing powders, because these will remove the finish on your tile, which will leave your tile dull and vulnerable to further damage. Use soft cleaning cloths and mops instead.

    Letting Spills or Water Sit – Always clean up spills right away—never let them sit. If you let the stain sit, it will seep in and discolor both your grout and tile. Tomato stains, drink stains, and oily stains can sink into the tile especially quickly, so clean them up immediately to keep your tile clean.

    Not Protecting the Tile – Protect your tile by using furniture protectors on the bottom of heavy objects such as potted plants as well chair, table, and sofa legs. If your tile is exposed to water, it needs to be caulked. Furthermore, sealing your tile will protect your grout from damage and stains. Put doormats outside and inside every entrance to your home so you can catch most of the dirt before it enters your home. To extend the life of your tile, hire a tile cleaning service every few months.

    Improper Sweeping, Mopping, and Vacuuming – To prevent damage to your tile grout and finish, the tile needs to be mopped once a week and either vacuumed or swept daily. But do not make the mistake of using an overly wet mop, as tap water can leave discoloration behind from minerals in the tap water.