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Examining the Toughest Carpet Stains

Examining the Toughest Carpet Stains

spilled red wine stain Despite your best efforts at home, your carpets may inevitably become stained at some point or another. While it may be difficult to prevent stains altogether, a company offering professional carpet stain removal can help you lift out unsightly blemishes for good. A carpet stain removal company will have the tools and experience needed to completely extract a stubborn stain from your carpet. By working with carpet cleaners in Tampa, you can rest assured that your carpets will be sparkling and fresh after your appointment. To help you prepare for your carpet stain removal, here is a quick look at three of the toughest carpet stains.

Red Wine

Red wine can leave a lingering stain on any color carpet. Since red wine stain removal can be extremely difficult, it is important to treat spilled red wine right away. To prevent the stain from setting in, you can blot the surface of the spilled wine with a paper towel. As you blot, make sure that you are not rubbing wine on other surfaces of your carpet.

Pet Urine

Pet urine is another notorious type of carpet stain. Whether you are a dog or a cat owner, chances are that your furry friend may have urinated on your carpet in the past. A pet stain can leave a lingering odor that is incredibly difficult to remove altogether. By working with a company that specializes in pet urine removal treatments, you can eliminate urine smells from your carpets for good.


Muddy footprints are common culprits for stains in carpeting. If someone tracks mud across the surface of your carpet, you may want to schedule a professional stain removal service. With professional tools and equipment, a technician will be able to lift the mud from the surface of the carpet. No matter the size or origin of your carpet stain, a professional company will be able to provide you with stain removal services.