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  • Common Causes of Carpet Stains

    Carpet stains are familiar nuisances for any homeowner. Whether you are a pet owner, parent, or you simply lead an active lifestyle, there is a good chance that you deal with carpet stains on a regular basis. For help with your carpet stain removal, you will want to contact carpet cleaners near Tampa. The best carpet cleaner in your area can address your stain with targeted carpet cleaning techniques that will eliminate your stain quickly and completely. To help you preserve your carpet between visits from your carpet cleaner, here is a look at some of the most common causes of carpet stains. carpet - stains

    Pet Urine

    Many pet owners are all too familiar with the problems associated with pet urine on the carpet. Once a dog or cat marks a carpet, he or she may be tempted to continue using that spot as a bathroom. Since pet urine contains smelly enzymes, the odor may linger, long after the visible pet stain has been removed. Professional carpet cleaners will have products that are designed to remove pet urine stains and smells.

    Bodily Fluids

    Bodily fluids, such as blood and vomit, can create a nasty stain on the surface of a carpet. Parents of small children, for example, may be familiar with the hassle that is associated with cleaning vomit off of a carpet’s surface. For immediate spot cleaning of the stain, you can dab it with a damp towel. Bodily fluid stains can be completely removed with professional carpet cleaning services.

    Red Wine

    Red wine is notorious for its staining properties. During a dinner party or get together with friends, you may find yourself despairing when a guest accidentally knocks a glass of red wine onto the floor. Rather than scrubbing at the red wine stain, you can achieve better results by blotting with a towel. A mild detergent can also be used to encourage the stain to lift. A professional carpet cleaner can provide you with more tips and information about treating common stains on your carpet.

  • Why You Need to Clean Up After Water Damage

    It is a stressful time when your home has suffered water damage. You need to remove the water, contact your insurance company, and call for water restoration services . To save yourself some stress, see if your carpet cleaners near Tampa offer restoration services on top of carpet and upholstery cleaning. This can help relieve some stress and frustration when making all of your calls. water - damage - carpet

    Avoid Mold in Your Flooring

    Mold is your most dangerous enemy after water damage. Mold spores grow easily with a little bit of moisture and the right temperatures, which make a water damaged-house the perfect breeding ground. If you want any chance of saving your carpet, hardwood floors, or tiled floors, then you will need to have a professional carpet cleaner or water restoration company out as soon as possible. They will remove the flooring from its base and set up high-powered fans throughout the room or house. This, among other services, will help stop mold before it ever has a chance of growing.

    Save as Many Possessions as Possible

    Once your home has sustained water damage, it is likely that you will have to throw away some precious possessions. Books, diaries, electronics, and many more may be unsalvageable once they come into contact with even a little bit of water. If you let water sit for too long, though, other items could possibly be destroyed. Furniture should undergo upholstery cleaning; bedding, curtains, artwork, and many other possessions should be cleaned by a professional as well.

    Avoid Health Hazards and Water-Bound Insects

    Along with mold, there are many other health hazards that can come from standing water. Insects, bacteria, chemicals, and many other contaminants might be contained in the water and your possessions. Especially if the water came from the sewer or nearby flood runoff, you need to have professional carpet cleaning and water restoration services out right away. These services can help keep your family safe, as well as clean your home and carpets.

  • Caring for Carpets When You Have Pets

    Having pets is a constant joy, but it can also be a pain at times, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning in Tampa. Pets can leave stains, dander, and dirt wherever they step. However, with the help of regular carpet cleaning, there are some simple ways to keep your carpet safe from your pets. carpet - cleaning

    Keep Those Paws Dry

    When your pets are coming from the backyard or a walk in the park, it is best to dry their paws before coming inside the house. Keep a towel, doormat, or some other means of drying available and near the door. This will help keep mud, dirt, or other particulates from accumulating on the carpet and other surfaces. You may also consider installing tile near the front and back door. If your pets make it through the door before you can wipe their paws off, the tile will catch most of the dirt. Though it still requires cleanup, tiled floors are much easier to clean than carpet stains.

    Use Safe Spot Treatment Solutions

    For those times when your pet has an accident, it is necessary to use a pet-safe cleaning solution. First, you want to make sure all of the mess is thrown away. Second, blot the stain with a clean towel. Do not scrub it, because this will damage the carpet fibers and potentially spread the stain. Once the stain has been blotted as much as possible, spray the area with a pet-safe solution. There are natural solutions and green, over-the-counter sprays that will effectively remove the stain and keep your pets and carpets protected.

    Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Even if you are always on top of vacuuming and cleaning up after your pets, you should still have a professional carpet cleaner out to give your carpets a deep clean. Professional carpet cleaning can reach the nooks and crannies of every room. It can get deep into the carpet to remove any traces of stains or odor that your pets have left behind. Professional carpet cleaning is good for the health of your pets, family, and carpets.

  • Top Tips for Carpet Care

    As you can see and hear in the video, regular carpet cleaning is one of the easiest ways to keep your carpets in good shape. Carpets can never fully resist stains and dirt accumulation. This is why professional carpet cleaning near Tampa is so essential.

    The one carpet care tip you can use between professional carpet cleanings is vacuum regularly. As stated in the video, vacuuming your carpet is like brushing your hair. It should be done at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, and allergens from the carpet fibers. Depending on how much traffic your carpets see, you should hire professional carpet cleaners to come in once a month to once a year. These two tasks will keep your carpet in good shape for many years to come.