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  • Answering Common Questions about Professional Carpet Cleaning

    If you have carpets in your home, you know that you must vacuum them regularly to keep them clean and odor-free. However, there is another carpet care step to keep in mind if you want to keep your carpeting looking great for years to come— professional carpet cleaning . Continue reading to learn the answer to some common questions about professional carpet cleaning in Tampa. professional - carpet - cleaning

    What Are the Benefits?

    If your carpets still appear to be in good condition, you may be wondering what benefits professional carpet cleaning can offer you. While vacuuming and spot-cleaning are important for your carpets, they are not enough to keep them in ideal condition. Professional carpet cleaning removes ground-in dirt and debris, helping to restore your carpeting to its original condition. Additionally, scheduling regular carpet cleaning services can help prevent odors from building up in your carpeting over time.

    When Do I Need It?

    In general, homeowners should schedule professional carpet cleanings once each year. If your family includes young children or pets, having your carpets cleaned every 6 months will ensure they stay sanitized, comfortable, and visually appealing. The ideal time for cleaning will depend on your family’s schedule and lifestyle—if you have large family gatherings during the winter holidays each year, having your carpets cleaned in the late fall will ensure that your home looks its best when your company arrives. On the other hand, scheduling an annual cleaning as part of your spring cleaning regimen can help your home feel fresh and new throughout the year.

    How Long Does It Take?

    The amount of time it takes to perform carpet cleaning will depend on the specific cleaning services you choose and the amount of carpeting you have in your home. In general, it takes a few hours to clean an average home, and the carpets should be allowed to dry completely. You may be able to shorten the cleaning time by moving large furniture off of your carpeting before your carpet cleaners arrive. Be sure to ask your carpet cleaning company for specific information about the amount of time you should allow for cleaning and what steps you should take to ensure the process goes smoothly.

  • Dealing With Carpet Stains

    Carpet stain removal is a familiar task around the house. In this video, you will receive some important carpet stain removal tips. After you first notice the stain, you will want to gently blot the area with a rag. Gentle blotting will help prevent the stain from spreading. A mild detergent solution can be applied to the rag before you blot. More stubborn stains may require treatment from a company offering carpet cleaning serving Tampa.

    By trusting your carpet cleaning to a team of experts, you can keep your floors looking beautiful for longer. The best carpet cleaner in your area can use special tools, such as a carpet extractor, to lift carpet stains and improve the appearance of your floors. If you are dealing with a stubborn carpet stain, do not wait to contact carpet cleaners near you.

  • Why You Should Have Your Tile Cleaned

    Tile is an extremely durable material that can be used for your floors, countertops, shower enclosures, and more. When your tile work is first installed, it will have a beautiful and fresh appearance. Over time, dirt, grime, and soap scum can build up and affect the appearance of your tile. A company that offers tile and grout cleaning near Tampa can help you clean your tile and restore its beautiful shine. There are many reasons to trust your tile and grout cleaning to an experienced company.

    With professional tile cleaning services, you can remove any dirt and discoloration from your tiled surface. A cleaner offering carpet stain removal will also know how to extract stains from your grout. Additionally, professional tile cleaning can help you eliminate black mold and mildew from your household tile. Rather than scrubbing your tile on your own, it is a great idea to leave this service to a team of qualified professionals.

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  • Why Carpet Is a Kid-Friendly Choice

    As a parent, chances are that you spend a large chunk of time cleaning up after kid’s messes and spills. In order to make your home as family friendly as possible, you will want to choose flooring that is easy to maintain and comfortable on little toes. Carpet is a great choice for all of your family’s bedrooms. A company offering carpet cleaning serving Tampa will be able to provide you with upholstery cleaning and carpet stain removal services that will keep your carpets looking fresh. To highlight the benefits of working with the best carpet cleaner in your area, here are some great reasons why carpet is a kid-friendly flooring choice. carpet - kids

    Slip Resistance

    Children, especially toddlers, are especially prone to accidental slips and falls. A slippery surface, such as a tile or wooden floor, may make your household more accident prone. Carpets will provide your house with great slip resistance. A child can walk, play, and even run on a carpet’s surface, without the risk of slipping and falling. In the event that a slip does happen, a carpet offers a padded and cushioned surface.

    Soft Comfort

    Carpet will provide warmth, softness, and comfort that your entire family is sure to enjoy. During the cold days of fall and winter, your family members are sure to love placing their bare feet on the surface of your plush carpeting. The insulating properties of new carpeting can also help your HVAC system heat your home more efficiently.

    Stain Resistance

    To help prevent stains on your new carpets, you may want to talk to your carpet cleaner about how you can apply a stain resistant treatment to the surface of your carpet. A stain fighting product will be able to repel even the toughest stains, such as juice, paint, or mud. A stain treatment will provide you with total peace of mind when your kids are playing on your carpet. With expert services from a company that provides carpet cleaning near you, you can keep your carpets looking great as your children grow up.