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  • Spring Cleaning – Time to Prepare.


    We are still in the winter slumber, but, no time like the present to get your Spring Cleaning List ready!

    While we like to be your go to provider for your flooring Bowden is happy to share some other things you may want to consider for your Spring Cleaning!

    Contact Us Today and we can make some of this list as easy as a nice spring breeze.

    All Room Spring Cleaning List

    Start with tasks that apply to all rooms, then hit each room one-by-one for more specific cleaning.

    • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
    • Clean windowsills and window tracks
    • Vacuum curtains and window blinds
    • Wipe down baseboards and shoe molding and dust corners for cobwebs
    • Test batteries in all your smoke detectors
    • Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches

    Our Spring Specials!

    Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Clean all large appliances, small appliances and surfaces in your kitchen:

    • Wipe down your microwave, coffeemaker and other small appliances
    • Empty the crumb tray in your toaster and toaster oven
    • Empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer
    • Clean refrigerator shelves (they may fit in the dishwasher!)
    • Clean behind and beneath the refrigerator (those coils get dusty!)
    • Clean your oven and scrub the stovetop
    • Clear out cabinets and wash the shelves
    • Sanitize the sink and clean the inner rim of your sink guard

    Bedroom Spring Cleaning List

    • Organize drawers and closets (donate any clothes that you didn’t wear!)
    • Wash bedding and pillows
    • Rotate your mattresses
    • Disinfect kids’ toys

    Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

    • Organize cabinets and drawers
    • Properly dispose of old medicine and toiletries
    • Scrub the shower and bathtub
    • Wash the shower curtain and floormat
    • Scrub the toilet and tile around the toilet

    While there is a lot to do, Bowden’s hopes this list will be helpful to get those tasks completed!

  • 5 Reasons for Holiday Cleaning

    As you get ready for the holiday season, don’t forget about holiday cleaning – to get your carpet, floors, rugs, and upholstery cleaned. This is the perfect time to sweep out the old dirt and get a fresh start on getting your home ready for the family and this special time of year!

    Here are five good reasons to get an early start on doing some pre-Holiday cleanings – Ask us about our Holiday offers!

    1. Your Carpets Get Wet More Often

    While we don’t have it as bad as up north, Tampa’s bad weather has to do with rain and leaves tracking in grime. There is a lot of wetness outside and a lot of it will be making its way onto your carpets and floors.

    You can’t fight the elements, but you can minimize the damage they do to your floors.

    2. Chemicals are Invading Your Home

    In addition to elements, you also have chemicals that are around the home.  During the colder times they linger longer which increases the chance of transfer from shoes to inside your home. Like pest control and lawn fertilizers. These substances sink into the fibers and are difficult remove without professional cleaning. They can cause permanent damage and discolor the fibers.

    These chemicals also bring in allergens and toxins. Getting the floors cleaned will remove those toxins and get the carpet and upholstery fibers soft and fresh again.

    3. You’re Spending More Time at Home – Especially with COVID-19

    When it’s colder outside, you naturally spend more time indoors.   Well in Tampa, it is a mix, we are out a bit more when it gets colder like 75, but below 65, we are looking for a warm fire is a lot more inviting than a blast of cold, wet wind. Your family and friends will also be spending that time with you.  So you want your home to look nice!

    That’s all the more reason to keep the air clean. The more time you spend indoors, the more time you’ll have to breathe in unhealthy fumes. If the air of your home is unhealthy for any reason, it’s wise to do a thorough cleaning.

    4. Your Carpet and Furniture Dries Faster

    Heated indoor air is warm and dry. If you have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they dry. If you’re going with a carpet cleaning service that uses safe, non-toxic cleaning, you’ll discover the added pleasure of drying that leaves behind only a fresh, clean smell.

    5. Get Ahead of the Holiday Season

    If you wait until just before your holiday parties, guest arrivals or other scheduled activities, you might be in for a wait. Many carpet cleaning services get busy right before the holidays and you may have trouble getting an appointment in time for your big holiday event.

    Get a jump on the competition by calling to schedule your carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning now. We can get every inch of your floors and rugs sparkling clean and fresh. We can set up a cleaning schedule that ensures your furniture and rugs stay clean all through the winter and into spring.

    Call Tampas Best Carpet Cleaner – Bowden Carpets Today!

    Make a resolution to have a fresh, clean home before the holidays start. Carpet Keepers can keep the stains and odors away all year long.  Get the Holidays started off right!  Give us a call. 

  • Quick Action Is Essential With A Flooded Carpet

    As any carpet cleaning service in Tampa will tell you, allowing moisture to remain in your carpeting is never a good idea. Even once the visible water is out of your home, a significant amount of water can remain in the fibers of your carpet . If allowed to stay there, the water can seep into subflooring and walls, leading to further water damage and increasing the likelihood of mold growth.

    Water damage can be an expensive problem, and mold is something that you do not want to allow to take hold in your home. For these reasons, carpet cleaning professionals recommend that homeowners begin the water evacuation process immediately after a house flood. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of flooding, then consider reaching out to a professional carpet cleaning service without delay. The sooner that the carpet cleaners can dry out your carpet, the less damage your home is likely to suffer.

    carpet - cleaning

  • Preventing Carpet Stains in Your Busy Household

    With a busy household, you may think preventing carpet stains is an impossible feat. However, carpet cleaners have various tips to help, such as eating away from carpeting and vacuuming frequently. These carpet cleaning tips can reduce the amount of damage to your carpets, which will extend the life of your investment . Read on for some carpet cleaning tips in Tampa. carpet - cleaning

    Tip #1: Clean Properly

    If a spill or stain occurs, do not scrub at the spot. By scrubbing a paper towel or rag over your carpet, you risk damaging the carpet fibers and potentially spreading the carpet stain. To remove minor carpet stains and spills, blot the area with a clean towel. Blot until the stain or liquid is as dry as possible. Schedule professional carpet cleaning with Bowden’s Carpet to completely remove the carpet stain and treat the surrounding area. This will prevent the stain from spreading and ensure the carpet is returned to its normal appearance.

    Tip #2: Eat Elsewhere

    Encourage your children and guests to eat and drink away from carpeted areas. By eating and drinking in designated areas such as the kitchen or dining room, the chance of your carpet getting stained by food and drinks will minimize drastically. If a spill does occur, then it will be easier to clean it from the tile. If it is difficult to eat away from carpeting, then consider laying rugs around the common eating areas. When a spill or stain occurs on a removable rug, then it will prevent damage to the carpet.

    Tip #3: Vacuum Frequently

    Your children and pets can track in a lot of dirt and stains, which will damage and prematurely age your carpeting. Vacuum at least once a week or more to remove as much dirt, bacteria, and allergens as possible. This can extend the life of your carpeting, and it can reduce carpet stains. In addition to vacuuming frequently, you can place rugs at the entrances of your house and ask family and friends to remove their shoes before walking on the carpet. These actions will significantly reduce carpet damage.

  • Common Causes of Carpet Mold

    Mold growth can be a dangerous element, especially if it occurs in or underneath the carpet. Homeowners may not realize they have mold beneath their carpets until they suffer from symptoms such as increased allergies and respiratory problems. To prevent mold growth, homeowners should know the common causes, like insufficient carpet cleaning . Continue reading to learn about the common causes of carpet mold, including improper carpet stain removal near Tampa. carpet - mold

    High Humidity

    Mold requires warmth, bacteria, and humidity to grow. If a carpet or area has been exposed to these 3 elements, then mold—or symptoms associated with mold—will likely begin to appear. Mold will often grow under the carpet or within the carpet padding, making it difficult to diagnose. If there was a recent spill or flooding, then there is a high risk of mold growth. Mold can also grow in homes and rooms that experience high humidity. Carpeting in or near bathrooms and kitchens should be inspected regularly to ensure there is no mold growth.

    Insufficient Cleaning

    Improperly cleaned carpet stains are a significant source of mold growth. If a spill or stain has not been cleaned at all, then mold can quickly follow and spread underneath the carpeting. If a spill is not cleaned properly, then mold may grow soon. Carpet cleaning should consist of a balance between dry and wet cleaners. If a carpet is exposed to too much water or liquid, then it can cause mold to grow.

    Low-Quality Carpet

    Low-quality carpeting and carpet padding can also be a source of carpet mold. When low-quality materials or improperly installed carpets are exposed to bacteria and humidity, mold can grow. Homeowners can prevent mold growth in carpeting by installing an anti-microbial carpet pad with high-quality carpets. With anti-microbial properties and moisture resistance, it will be difficult for mold to grow on a high-quality carpeting material. This rubber-slab carpet padding is very useful in areas that experience high humidity, such as Florida.

  • Give Your Bathroom A Makeover – Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Today, many homeowners are choosing to remodel their bathrooms to give their interiors a face-lift. However, sometimes a little TLC is all that’s needed to get this part of the home looking great again. If you feel like your bathroom doesn’t sparkle like it once did despite regular upkeep, then consider taking advantage of professional grout and tile cleaning in Tampa .

    Over time, it’s not uncommon for bathroom materials to lose their sheen and develop dingy hues. While regular tile and grout cleaning using household tools and products can help minimize this issue, it can be a challenge to keep bathroom tile and grout looking immaculate.

    If you’re like many people, then you want your bathrooms appearing clean and tidy. Calling a professional tile and grout cleaning company offers you a way to get your bathroom looking like it did when it was first installed or when you moved in, giving it a like-new feel that is welcoming and impressive. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your bathroom surfaces, then consider taking advantage or grout and tile cleaning services.

    grout - cleaning

  • Management Tips – Pet Hair In Your Home

    One of the most common reasons why homeowners seek the help of professional carpet cleaners is a pet hair problem. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your need for carpet cleaning in Tampa, then watch this video for helpful tips on managing pet hair around the home.

    First, start using an electrostatic mop on hard floors instead of or before a vacuum. For carpet cleaning, sprinkle baking soda over the area prior to vacuuming to loosen pet hair from the fibers and deodorize simultaneously. Also, using a robot vacuum can help minimize the pet hair that settles into your carpeting. For upholstered couch cleaning, run a vacuum, lint roller, rubber squeegee, or damp dish glove over the fabric to pick up pet hair.

  • The Importance of Removing Water from Your Carpet

    If the roof leaks or the plumbing fixtures on the second floor cause a flood, one of your top priorities should be drying out your carpets. Call a carpet cleaner in Tampa promptly. Carpet cleaners can quickly extract the water from your carpet and use a carpet shampooer to sanitize the flooring. If water is allowed to linger, the problem will only get worse. The water that has damaged your carpet may not necessarily be clean. Your floors have likely been contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. If the water is allowed to remain in the carpet, these microorganisms will quickly multiply and can lead to health problems for your family.

    Calling carpet cleaners to restore your water damaged carpet will support your family’s health in another way: By preventing the spread of toxic mold and mildew. Mold spores can easily travel on air currents and they multiply rapidly on wet surfaces such as waterlogged carpet. By having your carpets professionally restored right away, you can reduce the possibility that you’ll have to replace them because of mold.

    carpet - cleaning

  • You Could Benefit from Cleaning Your Carpets

    You might assume that your carpets are reasonably clean if you vacuum at least once per week. Unfortunately, vacuuming has limitations. If you haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned recently by rug cleaners in Tampa , chances are they aren’t clean. Even high-end vacuums are simply incapable of removing allergens and dirt from deep within the carpet fibers, and they certainly cannot sanitize the carpet. The only way to truly get your carpets clean is to hire professional carpet cleaners. carpet - cleaning

    The Health of Your Family

    The health of your family is paramount, but they could be suffering from the effects of dirty carpets. Your carpets could be harboring mildew and mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens. Indoor air quality is critical for good health, especially if someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, or has a compromised immune system. Professional carpet cleaning gives your family some added protection against certain health problems.

    The Beauty of Your Home

    Few things are more embarrassing than inviting guests into a messy home. Unfortunately, even if your clutter is picked up and the dishes are washed, your home could still look more “lived in” than you would like if your carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaners use high-grade equipment and the right techniques to make your carpets look brand-new again. After a professional cleaning, your home will smell fresher and look more inviting.

    The Lifespan of Your Carpets

    The lifespan of the average carpet varies depending on the manufacturer. Most of them might last up to 10 years if they are well taken care of, but it’s not unusual for a family to wear out a carpet in three to five years. If you have pets, multiple children, or frequent guests, then you can expect your carpet to wear out sooner than it should. With frequent carpet cleaning performed by pros; however, you can extend the longevity of your carpet.

    The Professional Removal of Stains

    Some stains are preventable by quickly blotting up spilled liquid, but it’s virtually inevitable that every carpet will eventually acquire a stubborn stain or two. Rug cleaners have experience getting out even the most stubborn of stains, which means you can wait a little bit longer before replacing your carpet.

  • Carpet Signs – Mold

    If your carpet gets flooded or is exposed to a large spill, you should consider contacting a professional carpet cleaning service in Tampa to discuss water extraction. A damp or wet carpet can develop mold within 24 hours if you do not use a carpet extractor and dryer to remove excess water. Here are some of the signs that your carpet could have mold. carpet - mold

    Damp Carpeting and Musty Odors

    If you live in a humid environment, your carpet may become damp, even in the absence of a spill or flood. Damp basements and bathrooms are the perfect environment for mold growth on or underneath carpeting. If your carpeting becomes damp or wet for even one day, you are at risk for mold growth. If you notice that areas of your carpeting are damp, or if you have a water leak or burst pipe in your home, you should find the best carpet cleaners in your area. If you notice an earthy, musty odor coming from your carpet, that is also a good sign that it is damp and mold may have already begun to grow.

    Increase In Allergy Symptoms

    Mold spores can quickly become airborne, causing allergies and contributing to asthma and respiratory problems. If you or anyone else in your family is showing signs or symptoms of allergies, and the symptoms are worse or only exist when you are in your home, you may have moldy carpeting. A Tampa carpet cleaning company can inspect your carpeting for mold, and can use a carpet extractor to remove water from your carpet. Carpet cleaners can also use a carpet shampooer or rug cleaner to remove unpleasant, moldy odors.

    Green, White, or Black Spots On or Under the Carpeting

    The most obvious sign of mold growth is the presence of green, white, or black spots on or under your carpeting. This indicates an advanced mold problem. At this stage, even the best carpet cleaner may not be able to salvage your carpet. Because mold growth can cause so many health problems, you may need to completely remove and replace your carpeting. For this reason, it’s important to contact a carpet cleaner or rug cleaner at the earliest signs of mold growth.