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  • Quick Action Is Essential With A Flooded Carpet

    As any carpet cleaning service in Tampa will tell you, allowing moisture to remain in your carpeting is never a good idea. Even once the visible water is out of your home, a significant amount of water can remain in the fibers of your carpet . If allowed to stay there, the water can seep into subflooring and walls, leading to further water damage and increasing the likelihood of mold growth.

    Water damage can be an expensive problem, and mold is something that you do not want to allow to take hold in your home. For these reasons, carpet cleaning professionals recommend that homeowners begin the water evacuation process immediately after a house flood. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of flooding, then consider reaching out to a professional carpet cleaning service without delay. The sooner that the carpet cleaners can dry out your carpet, the less damage your home is likely to suffer.

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  • Protecting Your Carpet and Furniture During a Party

    Hiring carpet cleaners and scheduling upholstery cleaning in Tampa is something that many people do before having guests in their home. It makes sense to improve the look of your interiors before inviting people over, but having to call carpet cleaners afterward is something that you want to avoid. If you’re planning to host guests for a party, then continue reading for tips on protecting your carpet and furniture during the festivities. clean - furniture

    Use Covers and Area Rugs

    One way to invest in your carpet and upholstered furniture is to purchase items like decorative throws, fitted covers, and area rugs before the party. Use the throws and fitted covers on your furniture to protect the upholstery, and place the rugs in high traffic areas of your home to help prevent carpet stains. Taking these steps requires only a small investment when compared to replacing your carpet or having your furniture reupholstered.

    Create Off-Limits Areas

    If you’re like many homeowners, then you want to make your home as inviting to your guests as possible. However, creating “do not enter” zones for the event is a smart way to protect your furnishings. To help keep your upholstery and carpeting free of stains and damage during your party, consider hosting it outdoors, in a furnished basement or garage, or in an area of your home where you are less concerned about damage. Your guests are sure to understand why you want to keep some areas off-limits during the party.

    Make Accidents Less Likely

    There are a few additional measures that you can take to keep your carpet and upholstery protected while entertaining guests. Start by providing plenty of safe surfaces on which people can place their glasses and plates because, without enough tables, your guests will leave food and drinks on any available surface, making spills more likely. Finally, make regular passes through the party area to collect abandoned plates and beverages and toss away any garbage to help prevent accidents and stains.

  • Improving Your Indoor Air with Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    If you have noticed an increase in allergy symptoms or respiratory problems in your household, you should look into companies that offer professional upholstery cleaning in Tampa . Your upholstery can harbor a variety of household allergens that can significantly reduce your indoor air quality. Upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, and carpet cleaning services can dramatically improve your indoor air quality, and reduce your allergy symptoms significantly.

    Professional upholstery cleaning and couch cleaning can eliminate contaminants that are trapped in the fibers of your upholstery. Dirty carpets and upholstery can harbor indoor air pollutants like pet dander, plant particles, dust, mites, dirt, and other particle pollutants. Professional carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services use specialized carpet shampooers, rug cleaners, and upholstery cleaners that kill bacteria and remove even the most deeply trapped pollutants.

    Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services can also eliminate dust mite infestations. Dust mites leave behind feces and body fragments that can pollute your air and cause allergies and asthma. In addition, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can prevent dangerous mold growth. Mold spores can become airborne and cause allergies, exacerbate asthma, and contribute to respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis.

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  • Dealing With Carpet Stains

    Carpet stain removal is a familiar task around the house. In this video, you will receive some important carpet stain removal tips. After you first notice the stain, you will want to gently blot the area with a rag. Gentle blotting will help prevent the stain from spreading. A mild detergent solution can be applied to the rag before you blot. More stubborn stains may require treatment from a company offering carpet cleaning serving Tampa.

    By trusting your carpet cleaning to a team of experts, you can keep your floors looking beautiful for longer. The best carpet cleaner in your area can use special tools, such as a carpet extractor, to lift carpet stains and improve the appearance of your floors. If you are dealing with a stubborn carpet stain, do not wait to contact carpet cleaners near you.

  • Let the Pros Handle Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery cleaning in Tampa can be a difficult task, especially for the busy homeowner. You have important tasks on your to-do list, like visiting family and working, so why should you stress yourself out with a complicated chore like upholstery cleaning? Trust your professional carpet cleaners to finish the job for you; you can spend more time with your family on a professionally-cleaned couch or chair.

    By hiring a professional upholstery cleaner, your couch, sofa, or chair will get a deep clean that cannot be done by yourself. All of the hidden nooks and crannies will be fully cleaned and removed of dirt, dust, and stains. Upholstery cleaners use professional equipment and cleaning solutions that get deep into the upholstery to clean it free of toxins, allergens, and dirt. Professional upholstery cleaning can remove annoying or harmful stains from your furniture so the entire family can safely sit down and relax.

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  • Preventing Stains on Your Carpet

    Your carpets provide a plush and soft flooring surface for you and your loved ones. While brand new carpets will come in pristine condition, your carpets may become stained and dirty over time. With the help of a company offering carpet cleaning , you can perform advanced carpet stain removal that will completely restore the look and feel of your carpets. By scheduling professional carpet cleaning in Florida, you can help preserve the lifespan of your current carpet installation. To help keep your carpets looking great between carpet cleaning appointments, here is a look at some tips for preventing stains on your carpet.


    Consider a Stain Resistant Treatment

    In order to prevent stains on your carpets, you may want to ask your carpet cleaners about the possibility of applying a stain resistant treatment to the surface of your carpets. A stain resistant treatment is designed to repel staining substances, and keep your carpets looking new and fresh. After your stain resistant treatment has been applied, you will have greater peace of mind when it comes to your carpet care.

    Vacuum on a Regular Basis

    Along with applying a stain resistant treatment to your carpets, you can also help to prevent stains by vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis. While some carpet stains are caused by accidents and spills, others can be generated by a build up of dirt and dust over time. To prevent stains and discoloration on your carpets, you should vacuum at least once every week.

    Use Protective Carpet Runners

    When you are seeking a stain fighting solution for your carpets, you may also want to consider using protective carpet runners. Carpet runners that are constructed from plastic or other stain-resistant materials can dramatically improve the look of your carpets over time. While you may not want to place runners throughout every area of your home, a runner can be highly effective when it is placed in an area that has very high foot traffic.

  • Tips for Cleaning Leather Upholstery

    If your home has beautiful leather furniture, it is important to preserve your pieces with the proper upholstery cleaning techniques. Saddle soap is terrific when used as an upholstery cleaner for leather furniture. To clean your leather with saddle soap, you can wet the soap and wipe down the surface of the leather. Another effective leather cleaning product is white vinegar. When using white vinegar as a leather upholstery cleaner, be sure to dilute the vinegar with water. For assistance with your leather upholstery cleaning needs, contact a company offering cleaning services in Tampa. Professional upholstery cleaners will be able to restore the look and feel of your leather furniture. For a closer look at some great tips for cleaning leather upholstery, watch this video from eHow.