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Stain Removal and Carpet Cleaning in the Tampa Bay Area

Bowden's Carpet has provided outstanding stain removal and carpet cleaning to Tampa Bay-area customers for over a decade. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are useful, but some spills and stains need specialized knowledge and equipment. We off fairly-priced solutions, resulting in better-looking floors. If your carpet is faded or your floors have a tough stain that won’t disappear, professional cleaning will do the job. We offer several cleaning packages, ensuring you can choose a product that fits your needs. Don’t live with an unattractive floor; trust our technology and expertise today. We can help.

Man cleaning carpets in home

Professional Cleaning for Tough-to-Treat Stains

While typical cleaning – like vacuuming and mopping – is important, you should invest in professional cleaning at least once a year. If you have pets or small children, you might want to consider doing so once every six months, which will prevent temporary stains from becoming permanent. Some stains are easy to clean yourself, but you should contact us if a pet, spilled wine, soda, or juice stain has not responded to at-home treatment. Regardless of your situation, you can count on our professionals to provide the service you deserve.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted floors offer plenty of benefits, but one of them is not being indestructible. Carpets collect dust, dirt, pet dander, and stains from numerous liquids. Over time, your carpet will look less than ideal if you do not thoroughly clean it. The benefits of professional services include:

Improved Health

Carpets collect dust, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful agents, and your vacuum cleaner doesn’t get all of them. But our professional cleaning will.

Better-Looking Carpets

If the beautiful off-white of your carpet has faded or has unsightly stains, carpet cleaning will make it look like new again.

Extended Lifespan

While carpets do not last forever, professional carpet cleaning will extend your carpet’s lifespan, saving money in the process.

We Combat Every Carpet-Related Problem Under the Sun

Stains and dirt aren’t the only reasons to hire our team to treat your carpet. We are skilled at repairing other common problems and restoring the vibrancy and appearance of your home. For instance, carpets fade over time. But we can address that problem. Shading is another problem that occurs with the pile on your carpet flattens, making it look dirtier than it is. Lastly, we can combat mildew caused by Florida’s extreme humidity. Whether you need us for cleaning, stain removal, or maintenance, you can trust our professionalism and expertise.

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