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When you install new carpet in your home, your floors will have a beautiful and fresh appearance. Over time, however, your day to day life will expose your carpets to dirt, mud, and other types of messes. With professional carpet cleaning services, you can restore your carpets to their beautiful new appearance. With carpet cleaner services, you will be amazed and the freshness of your home carpeting. A company offering carpet cleaning in Tampa can help you refresh your carpet. To highlight the advantages of scheduling carpet cleaning, here are some tips for renewing your carpeting.

cleaning dust using vacuum cleaner

Use Stain Removal Products

Before you begin an overall carpet cleaning service, you may want to treat heavy stains with a specialized stain removal product. To locate stubborn stains, you can perform a detailed inspection of your carpet. Once you find a stain that needs to be removed, you can saturate it thoroughly with a cleaning product. After the cleaning product has been applied, be sure to let it sit on the surface of the carpet so that it can lift the stain.

Blot Treated Stains Carefully

After you have applied the stain removal product, you should blot the treated area carefully. When you are blotting, you can use a soft rag or a paper towel. Be sure to avoid rubbing the surface of the stain. By blotting, rather than rubbing, you can help to ensure that the stain is not allowed to spread to other areas of your carpeting.

Vacuum the Entire Carpet Thoroughly

The final step of renewing your carpet and removing stubborn stains is to vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly. By vacuuming your carpet, you can ensure that all of the cleaning solution has been lifted off of the surface of your floor. When you are vacuuming, be sure to place your vacuum on the carpet setting.