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As you get ready for the holiday season, don’t forget about holiday cleaning – to get your carpet, floors, rugs, and upholstery cleaned. This is the perfect time to sweep out the old dirt and get a fresh start on getting your home ready for the family and this special time of year!

Here are five good reasons to get an early start on doing some pre-Holiday cleanings – Ask us about our Holiday offers!

1. Your Carpets Get Wet More Often

While we don’t have it as bad as up north, Tampa’s bad weather has to do with rain and leaves tracking in grime. There is a lot of wetness outside and a lot of it will be making its way onto your carpets and floors.

You can’t fight the elements, but you can minimize the damage they do to your floors.

2. Chemicals Are Invading Your Home

In addition to elements, you also have chemicals that are around the home. During the colder times, they linger longer which increases the chance of transfer from shoes to inside your home, like pest control and lawn fertilizers. These substances sink into the fibers and are difficult to remove without professional cleaning. They can cause permanent damage and discolor the fibers.

These chemicals also bring in allergens and toxins. Getting the floors cleaned will remove those toxins and get the carpet and upholstery fibers soft and fresh again.

3. You’re Spending More Time at Home – Especially With COVID-19

When it’s colder outside, you naturally spend more time indoors. Well in Tampa, it is a mix, we are out a bit more when it gets colder like 75, but below 65, we are looking for a warm fire is a lot more inviting than a blast of cold, wet wind. Your family and friends will also be spending that time with you. So you want your home to look nice!

That’s all the more reason to keep the air clean. The more time you spend indoors, the more time you’ll have to breathe in unhealthy fumes. If the air of your home is unhealthy for any reason, it’s wise to do a thorough cleaning.

4. Your Carpet and Furniture Dries Faster

Heated indoor air is warm and dry. If you have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they dry. If you’re going with a carpet cleaning service that uses safe, non-toxic cleaning, you’ll discover the added pleasure of drying that leaves behind only a fresh, clean smell.

5. Get Ahead of the Holiday Season

If you wait until just before your holiday parties, guest arrivals, or other scheduled activities, you might be in for a wait. Many carpet cleaning services get busy right before the holidays and you may have trouble getting an appointment in time for your big holiday event.

Get a jump on the competition by calling to schedule your carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning now. We can get every inch of your floors and rugs sparkling clean and fresh. We can set up a cleaning schedule that ensures your furniture and rugs stay clean all through the winter and into spring.

Call Tampas Best Carpet Cleaner – Bowden Carpets Today!

Make a resolution to have a fresh, clean home before the holidays start. Carpet Keepers can keep stains and odors away all year long. Get the Holidays started off right! Give us a call.