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Dog sitting on carpet

Having pets is a constant joy, but it can also be a pain at times, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning in Tampa. Pets can leave stains, dander, and dirt wherever they step. However, with the help of regular carpet cleaning, there are some simple ways to keep your carpet safe from your pets.

Keep Those Paws Dry

When your pets are coming from the backyard or for a walk in the park, it is best to dry their paws before coming inside the house. Keep a towel, doormat, or some other means of drying available and near the door. This will help keep mud, dirt, or other particulates from accumulating on the carpet and other surfaces. You may also consider installing tile near the front and back doors. If your pets make it through the door before you can wipe their paws off, the tile will catch most of the dirt. Though it still requires cleanup, tiled floors are much easier to clean than carpet stains.

Use Safe Spot Treatment Solutions

For those times when your pet has an accident, it is necessary to use a pet-safe cleaning solution. First, you want to make sure all of the mess is thrown away. Second, blot the stain with a clean towel. Do not scrub it, because this will damage the carpet fibers and potentially spread the stain. Once the stain has been blotted as much as possible, spray the area with a pet-safe solution. There are natural solutions and green, over-the-counter sprays that will effectively remove the stain and keep your pets and carpets protected.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even if you are always on top of vacuuming and cleaning up after your pets, you should still have a professional carpet cleaner out to give your carpets a deep clean. Professional carpet cleaning can reach the nooks and crannies of every room. It can get deep into the carpet to remove any traces of stains or odor that your pets have left behind. Professional carpet cleaning is good for the health of your pets, family, and carpets.