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different type of carpet

Oriental rugs are an investment that many homeowners enjoy. They can instantly add an element of class and style to any room, but they do need to be cared for differently than ordinary rugs. It’s advisable to contact a company that offers expert Oriental rug cleaning in Tampa. Carpet cleaners who have experience caring for this ornate style of flooring can help you preserve your investment for years to come.

Preventing Premature Fading

You may already know that excessive sunlight exposure can prematurely fade your furniture, but did you know it has the same effect on your Oriental rugs? When your living room isn’t entertaining guests, it’s a good idea to lower the blinds. You might even consider having additional ceiling lights installed to reduce the need for natural sunlight in the room.

Rotating Regularly

The natural pathways through each room tend to centralize foot traffic. Unfortunately, this means that certain areas of your Oriental rug are more prone to wear, which will give it an uneven, dull appearance. To avoid this, you should rotate the position of the rug at least as often as you arrange for carpet cleaning. Some pros recommend rotating every one to two months and rearranging furniture every six months to create new high-traffic areas.

Straightening the Fringe

The fringe is a beloved feature of Oriental rugs, but it can easily become tangled and twisted. Resist the urge to comb the fringe, since this can inflict damage on the delicate fibers. Instead, you can straighten the fringe by lifting up the edge of the rug, shaking it gently, and then letting it settle back into place.

Vacuuming Carefully

Frequent vacuuming is important to prevent dirt and other debris from grinding down into the rug and compressing the fibers. Protect your Oriental rug by turning off the beater bar of the vacuum before running it along the rug.

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Your Oriental rug was an expensive investment for your home; treat it gently by hiring professionals instead of trying to clean it yourself. The frequency with which you should arrange professional rug cleaning depends on the amount of traffic in the room and your own preferences. Talk to a professional carpet cleaner for scheduling recommendations.