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vacuum cleaner

In business venues, carpets are often subjected to high footfall traffic. It is vital to keep your carpet in good condition. A shabby, worn, or grimy carpet does not look professional and can be a health hazard for your employees. Keeping your carpet clean and well-maintained can extend the life of your carpet. Scheduling regular professional carpet cleaning near Tampa will save you money and help prevent damage to the environment since you will need to change your carpeting less frequently. Meanwhile, there are a few simple strategies you can employ to keep your carpet looking great.

Place Mats at Entrances

Use large mats at all entrances to the building. For maximum efficacy, the mats need to be wide enough for staff and customers to take two or three steps on the mat, before stepping off onto the carpeting. The mats will help to trap dust, dirt, and mud, keeping your carpet clean. Make sure you clean the mats themselves regularly, however. Heavily soiled mats are less efficient at trapping grime.

Clean up Spillages Immediately

To prevent stubborn stains, clean up any spillages right away. Always use a specialized cleaning solution, approved by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). CRI-approved carpet cleaning solutions have been specially formulated to remove stains without damaging carpeting.

Vacuum Daily, Deep Clean Regularly

To keep your carpet free from dirt, dust, soil, and grime, ensure that it is thoroughly vacuumed every day. Dirt which is allowed to accumulate can damage carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming will help keep your carpet in optimum condition. You should also make sure you schedule professional deep cleaning at least twice a year. A reputable professional carpet cleaning service will help remove more stubborn stains or ingrained dirt. This will not only make your carpet look and smell appealing, but it will also help prevent longer-term damage to your carpeting. Ask the cleaners to pay special attention to entranceways, which typically receive greater foot traffic. You may wish to consider having high-footfall areas cleaned more frequently, perhaps four times a year.