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A clean and fresh carpet will enhance the beauty and appeal of your home. In addition, keeping your carpets clean will improve your indoor air quality and help prevent allergies and other health symptoms. If you are seeking out carpet cleaning in Tampa, you may be wondering how often this service will need to be performed. A professional carpet cleaner will restore your carpets to wonderful condition. After professional carpet cleaners visit your home, you will be amazed at the transformation of your indoor spaces. To help you decide when it’s time to set up carpet cleaning services, here is a look at how often you should get your carpets cleaned.

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Light Soil

If your carpets are lightly soiled during your day to day life at home, you may want to schedule a carpet cleaning service once every year. During a professional service, a technician will use a carpet cleaner to deeply clean all of the carpets in your home. In the intervals between your carpet cleaning appointments, you can maintain your carpets with weekly vacuuming.

Normal Soil

Normal carpet soiling can occur when you have a small to medium sized family. During your daily activities, your carpets may be soiled or stained with dirt, food, or other items. If you have determined that your carpets are stained or dirty, you may want to schedule a yearly service with a carpet cleaning company. You can remove minor stains and dirt by spot cleaning soiled areas on your carpet.

Heavy Soil

For families with many children or pets, it may be a good idea to schedule carpet cleaning on a more frequent basis. To keep your carpets looking their best, you may want to schedule carpet cleaning every three months. By leaving your carpet cleaning needs to the professionals, you will be able to maintain the beauty and condition of your floors.