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Housetraining a puppy can be very frustrating for many homeowners, because pet urine can cause damage to carpeting and rugs. If you aren’t careful, you will need to have extensive carpet cleaning done to save your carpets and rugs from the damage done by it. In addition to calling for carpet cleaning services in Tampa to help you with your problem, there are some other steps you can take to keep your carpets clean. Check them out below.

dog sat on the floor

Clean up Pet Accidents as Soon as Possible

When your puppy pees on your carpet or rug, it’s important for you to start the carpet cleaning process immediately. Once pet urine dries, it can lead to the growth of bacteria in your carpets. To remove a stain, place paper towels on your carpeting and do your best to absorb all of the urine up. You should go as far as to step on the paper towels in order to absorb any pet urine that has moved deep into your carpeting.

Neutralize the Odor Left by Pet Urine

Outside of the bacterial growth that often comes along with pet urine, there is also a strong odor that will set in when your pet pees on your carpet. You can neutralize this odor, but again, it’s important for you to act quickly. Once you have cleaned up the pet urine with paper towels, use a mixture of vinegar and water on the pet stain to reduce the odor associated with it. You should also sprinkle baking soda on the area after it has dried and vacuum it up later.

Wash Your Carpets Professionally

No matter how quickly you clean pet urine up, there’s a good chance that a small amount of it will be left behind every time your puppy pees on the carpet. It comes with the territory when you are housetraining a dog. It’s why you should still have professional carpet cleaning done by a carpet cleaning service that has experience when it comes to dealing with pet urine.