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After you spend time and money installing a new carpet in your home, you should do everything in your power to keep it as clean as possible. From removing stains immediately to having regular carpet cleaning done by a professional, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your carpet looks and feels great for years to come. Check out some ways to keep your carpet cleaner in Tampa once you have had it laid down in your home.

Invest in a New Vacuum Cleaner

Many homeowners don’t love the idea of spending a few hundred dollars—or more!—on a vacuum cleaner, but it’s an investment that is definitely worth making if you have new carpeting in your home. You can do carpet cleaning on your own without the help of a professional by using your vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt, debris, pet dander, and more. The vacuum cleaner you buy should come with all of the attachments you need to keep your new carpeting clean, and you should use your vacuum at least once every week to clean it.

Watch What You Serve During Parties

If you love to host parties at your home, you shouldn’t stop doing it simply because you have new carpeting. However, you should be mindful of what you serve at those parties. For example, you probably don’t want to have people standing on your new carpeting holding plates of spaghetti. It will be a disaster waiting to happen and will likely result in at least one spill. Opt for meals that aren’t quite as messy or, better yet, ask your guests to stay out of rooms with new carpeting when they are eating.

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company to Treat Your Carpets Annually

No matter how careful you are with your new carpeting, you are not going to avoid getting a single carpet stain on it. In fact, you will likely get many stains on it over the years. By having professional carpet cleaning done once every year, you can remove these stains and keep your carpets clean.