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Having your carpet professionally cleaned can make your entire home look and feel brighter and fresher. Regular cleanings can also help extend the life of your carpet. If you are thinking of hiring carpet cleaners near Tampa, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for their visit. Follow these simple guidelines to get the best value from your professional carpet cleaning.

Dust and Vacuum

Before your carpet is cleaned, dust and clean all adjacent surfaces, such as baseboards and HVAC registers. Otherwise, your clean carpet could quickly get dirtied or soiled by dust. Ask your carpet cleaners whether they provide vacuuming services. If not, you should vacuum the carpet as thoroughly as possible before their arrival, to ensure that they are able to focus on more ingrained and stubborn dirt and stains. When the cleaner arrives, you should indicate any areas which require special attention, such as high-footfall areas or places with spots or stains.

Remove Furniture and Fragile Items

Not all carpet cleaners will move furniture. If this is not included in the service, you should remove all necessary furniture. This ensures that your carpet can be cleaned wall to wall. You should also place fragile items out of harm’s reach, in case of accidents. For extra peace of mind, secure valuables in a locked room or in the trunk of your car. Collect any smaller items, such as table lamps, children’s toys, and floor cushions, which could obstruct the cleaning process. Pin up dust ruffles, long curtains, drapes, and bedspreads, securing them with clothes pins. You should ensure the area to be cleaned is free from all obstacles. Take special care to remove items that could be damaged by cleaning products.

Provide a Parking Space

The cleaning service may use truck-mounted equipment. Make sure they have an appropriate parking space for their vehicle.