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Carpets can provide a comfortable and cozy flooring surface for many areas throughout your home. While your carpets may be incredibly inviting, your carpeting may inevitably develop stains during its lifetime. When you notice that you have a carpet stain, it is a great idea to contact a company offering carpet cleaning in Tampa. By working with the best carpet cleaner in your area, you can ensure that your coffee or red wine stain is removed to perfection. To highlight the many advantages of hiring a qualified carpet cleaner near you, here is a closer look at some of the toughest carpet stains that you may encounter.

spoil drink on the floor

Red Wine

Red wine is a highly staining substance that can cause a carpet cleaning emergency if it is spilled on your floor. If you are entertaining guests, or simply relaxing with a glass of wine at home, chances are that you may experience a red wine stain at some point in time. To alleviate the stain before you call the carpet cleaners, it is a terrific idea to blot the surface of the stain to prevent the wine from spreading.

Pet Urine

Pet urine is among the most dreaded substances for homeowners with carpeted floors. If your fluffy friend has had an accident on your carpet, the stain and odor can last for many months. Since pet odors in a carpet can be very difficult to fully remove, it is a great idea to work with carpet cleaners who offer specialized pet urine removal services.


If you are a parent, you may be familiar with having muddy footprints tracked along your freshly vacuumed carpet. If not treated right away, mud stains can leave a lingering blemish on your flooring. Fortunately, carpet cleaners near you will have the equipment needed to thoroughly clean and remove this type of stain. To ensure that you are able to remove all of the stains in your carpet, be sure to contact a carpet cleaning company today.