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cleaning floor

You probably already know that hiring a professional to perform carpet cleaning in your home is the best way to improve the beauty of your flooring and maintain your home’s value. But did you know that Tampa area residents who rely on professional carpet cleaning can also reap the benefits of improved health? Carpet cleaning services offer at least three major health benefits to help your family live life well.

Carpets Trap Pollutants

Pollutants travel into your home through the air, but they won’t necessarily stay in the air. Eventually, these toxic pollutants can settle into your carpets and remain trapped there, and homeowners can’t rely on a regular vacuum to effectively remove all of them. In fact, vacuuming and walking across the carpet can actually release toxic gases that can adhere to airborne pollutants, which contribute to poor air quality and illnesses. By hiring a professional to perform carpet cleaning in your home, you can rest assured that these pollutants will be banished. Hire a carpet cleaning service at least once per year to get rid of particle pollution, lead, cockroach droppings, pet dander, dirt, and dust that can get trapped deep within your carpet. Professionals have specially formulated carpet shampoos and industrial-strength equipment to effectively remove toxic pollutants from your home.

Carpets Can Harbor Mold Spores

Homeowners who live in humid, subtropical climates like Tampa need to be particularly careful about mold spores. Any moisture exposure to your carpets, including moisture from the air, can easily trigger the growth of mold and mildew. It’s common knowledge that mold is bad for a person’s health, but some people are more susceptible to adverse health effects than others. Those who are immunocompromised, people with allergies, and people with lung diseases are at a particularly high risk of suffering from serious reactions to mold.

Carpets Contain Dust Mites

Another health benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is that professional cleaning will eliminate dust mites from your carpets. Since dust mites are microscopic, it’s impossible for homeowners to tell if they have an infestation. Dust mites leave behind body fragments and feces that can be inhaled by unsuspecting families and that may trigger allergic reactions. Fortunately, dust mites are readily vanquished by professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment.